Saturday, 24 December 2011

Review of Shimmer cubes- Eye Shadow

The Body Shop- SHIMMER CUBES (palette 22)

Net Quantity – 14 gm (4 x 3.5 gm)           

 Price – Rs 1245 /-(I got it for Rs 996/-, 20% discount)

Claim by the product –To give that perfect shimmer to your eyes for your party look                                            
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My experience with the product:

My Thumbs UP for:

·        4 shades-  1)Pure turquoise 2) Mint green 3)Silver Grey 4)Forest Green

·        Cute little box which is transparent with the 4 cubes inside it which also comes in 4 small boxes. So easy to handle, and like other eye shadows will not merge with each other on the palette.
·        You can use it for your Smokey eye look and also the mint green and turquoise shade can be teamed up together to give you that extra zing(I have tried it at a party and everybody loved it, I will give a tutorial on how I did it later J )
·        No need of buying a separate kit of Smokey eye shades.
·        Stays on as long as you don’t remove it or it is wiped off.
·        Though not gel based, still the texture is smooth and pearly.
·        The shimmering effect is well felt.
·        It will last you for over a year.

My Thumbs DOWN for:

·        The price is a bit on the higher side.
·        No applications brush provided with the kit, so if you don’t own one, it’s a problem.
·        As said by the sales person, availability might be an issue.

My Overall Verdict:      I will give it a rating of 4.5/5.

                                         I will definitely buy it again.