Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Not just make-up......An Image Makeover!!

Currently,the market provides standalone solutions to enhance one's looks.Salons can give one a trendy haircut or glowing skin,fitness centres can help one shed that extra kilo and certain programs on television can provide fashion tips.Multibrand showrooms provides us with the latest garments,but without a cue to what will look good on a particular person.However,most of the time clients walk in to either of the above centres with just one need : "TO LOOK GOOD".

An expensive saree/dress may not make  an overweight woman look like the mannequin in the showroom.Similarly,a bad dressing sense may even make a hunk look ordinary.For the icing on the cake one needs to have a charming personality.

So, the main idea should be to bring together all aspects of one's image i.e. fashion,diet and fitness,grooming and personality development.

Through my forthcoming blogs I plan to share my experiences and experiments in my quest to make myself look good. 

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