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Want to get in GOOD Shape here  comes the food chart which i followed to get rid of that extra flab :)

Goal: Want to get good shape /WEIGHT LOSS         


Thumb's Down for:

×         High carbohydrate content foods like potato and rice should be taken moderately.(Initially for 1 month avoid this)
×         Sugars which give empty calories should be taken in moderate amount.(.(Initially for 1 month avoid this)
×         Fruits rich in carbohydrate like banana, mango and chickoo should be taken moderately.

Thumb's Up for :

ü       Low fat food should be taken like buttermilk, fat free yoghurt, skimmed curd and skimmed milk.
ü       Have egg whites everyday. Avoid egg yolk.
ü       Only vegetable fat (oil) 3tsp/day should be used.
ü       Fluids should be taken liberally. Drink atleast 3-4 liters of water.
ü       5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables should be taken.
ü       High fiber low calorie foods like green leafy vegetables; fruits; vegetable salads; whole grain cereals, sprouts and pulses can be included in the diet.
ü       Have a small bowl of sprouts everyday as its high in fiber and protein.
ü       Preferably have non-veg in the lunch and avoid Dal with non-veg.

      Preparation method to be used – boiled, steamed, grilled, roasted, baked.Start using your microwave oven for cooking and not just heating stuffs.

  • Never skip your meals (atleast 6 small meals) 
  • It is better to have small and frequent meals than a few large ones
  • Try not to sleep immediately after a meal
  • Try to eat slowly, savoring each bite as you go along.
  • Should have salads with each meal especially with dinner.
  • Have a small bowl of sprouts everyday especially in the morning.
  • Always keep a bottle filled with water and drink frequently.
  • Increase the intake of whole fruits.

(Meal 1) Breakfast: (8:30am – 9:00am)
¾     Whole wheat chapatti (2-3) with vegetable curry /sabji
¾     Idli 2-3nos/ plain dosa 1-2 with tomato or green chutney + sambar (avoid intake of coconut chutney) 
¾     Whole wheat bread (2-43slices) with vegetable salad (No butter) 

(Meal 2) Mid Morning: (11:00am – 11:30am)
·         1 fruit or fruit juice or biscuits high in fibre content

(Meal 3) Lunch: (1:00pm – 1:30pm)
·     Whole wheat cereals are high in fibre so consumption of chapatti should be practiced.
·     Pulses in the form of Dal should be taken -1bowl at lunch
·     Vegetable sabji with minimum oil can be taken in good amount.(Include good amount of cooked vegetables)
·     Skimmed curd/fat free yogurt/butter milk contain calcium and protein and it should be taken with lunch-(1cup)
·     Vegetable salads are high in fibre and it must be taken
·     Nonveg is advisable 2-3 times a week, that is at lunch time.  (2-3 pieces of Lean chicken, 1-2 pieces Fish, 1 whole Egg or 2 Egg whites

(Meal 4) Afernoon: 1 cup coffee+3 marie or high fiber biscuits or diet rusk

(Meal 5) Evening:– 6:00pm

(Meal 6) Dinner: (10:00pm – 10:30pm)
¿     Whole wheat cereals are high in fibre so consumption of chapatti 2-3 without oil should be practiced + 2egg whites(boiled)/ egg white bhurji (with minimum oil)
¿     Good amount of green vegetable can be taken.
¿     Take thin dal for dinner.
¿     Vegetable /sprout salads are high in fibre and it must be taken especially with dinner.
¿     Fewer calories should be consumed as the activity level reduces at the end of the day

Snacks & beverages choose from the below given options:

º     Marie biscuits/High Fibre or multi-grain biscuits in moderate amount (3-4 biscuits) can be taken instead of other biscuits as its low in calories.
º     Fruits contain good amount of fibre and vitamins and so should be taken in large amount in the form of whole fruit.(Avoid the above mentioned fruits)
º     Whole wheat cereals like wheat bread are high in fibre and low in calorie (1-2 slice). 
Beverages:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Beverages:
å    Tea/Coffee can be taken in the morning and evening with skimmed milk & with ½ tsp sugar.
å    Fruit juices can be taken without sugar. Always prefer eating fresh fruits rather than juices.
å    Healthy beverage options are lime juice, buttermilk, clear soups, green tea, vegetable juices, tender coconut water 

D       Fried foods
D       Cheese, butter
D       Pizza (especially for dinner)
D       Processed foods
D       Sugar, sweets and rich dessert
D       Coconut/Groundnut
D       Cold drinks
D       NonVeg: Organ (Liver, Kidney, Brain), Shellfish, Mutton, Red Meat (Beef, Pork), Bacon, Ham, Sausages

After workout(food alone can reduce flab but will not give toning to your body) 3 to4 boil white egg or lean boil or grill chicken

Measurements: 1cup-200 gms                        1glass-200 ml
                         1tsp-5 gms                              1tbsp-15 gms  

Should you require any clarifications, do get in touch with me. 

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