Sunday, 18 December 2011


Hi Friends!!!!!!!! Winter is here and I am loving it. The fresh cool breeze, the morning hot cup of tea and all the lovely fresh veggies and fruits to venture on. I am a big fan of oranges and what better way to incorporate orange in your day to day life. I eat my orange and also use it as my daily skin care product.

Since I have a normal to oily skin (i.e. during summer my T-zone is very oily and the rest of the face is normal and in winter it is somewhat manageable),I use orange as a base product to give that natural smoothness of orange in my pack.

As soon as I peel an orange to eat I store the skin of the orange to be dried in the sun. I dry it in sun for 10-15 days and then grind it in a grinder and store it in a container and refrigerate for the entire year to come. You can also try this.

To make a pack with this orange dust, I add 1 tbsp of honey, 1 tbsp of gulab jaal, 1 tea-spoon of coconut milk, and 1 tbsp of curd and mix it well to be applied on face.

If you have normal to oily skin you can also add some neem leaves dust or can also try Himalaya ‘s neem pack for normal to oily skin. Add that to the above paste and apply on your face. This will give you a smooth texture and help you to get rid of that dryness during winter.

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