Monday, 19 December 2011

The Party season is here

The Body Shop-Cranberry Joy (Shimmer Lotion)

Quantity-250 ml         Price – Rs 775/= (I got a discount of 20% i.e. Rs 620)

Claim by the product – Body lotion to give a shimmering effect.
                                         Against Animal Testing

Product Ingredients- Cranberry seed oil, shea butter from Ghana, Sesame seed oil, it also contains Mica, probably to give the shimmering effect.

My experience with the product:
My Thumbs UP for:

  • The immediate thing about this product is the packaging. Comes in a pump bottle, which can easily be locked by twisting the pump cap. It can be taken during travelling without having to worry about spillage
  • The colour of this bottle is cherry red with cherry motives on it, which gives it a Christmassy feel (this product is only available during Christmas, as said by the sales-person, and so is a limited edition).This might be a hindrance because if you want it during other times of the year you might not get it.
  • The smell is mesmerizing; you can almost feel berries all over your body. So this might not be a good choice for guys, unless, they don’t have any objection at being smelling fruity.
  • It has got a nice liquidy texture, thus easily blends into your skin. Quickly absorbs ito the skin,so no sticky skin effect.
  • The claim of being shimmery is well justified, it almost gives you a glittering effect if used in a large amount.
  • Though not a winter moisturizer, it is very light; still it can be used as a make-up base. No need of putting extra shimmer after make up. May be it has been purposefully formulated for this party season.
  • The smell lingers through your body for a long time

My Thumbs DOWN for:

·         No smaller packaging of 50ml or 100ml.
·         Not available all year round,though once you buy it it might last for 6 months atleast.
·         If the texture was a bit thicker could have been considered as a winter moisturizer/body lotion.
·         The Shimmer effect is too much. The product if touches clothes also takes up the shimmering effect.
·         Not a daily use product.
·         Might not be a very good option for people with very dry skin/flaky skin, as it might give a very unnatural look to your skin.

My Overall Verdict: I will give it a rating of 3.5/5.
Good product for party season but not to be used daily.
This is the end result o your skin

I will buy it again.

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